Should you tip an appliance repair person?

“Tip an appliances person” well now, after the guy that looked at my furnace told me the damper was stuck and I watched him turn it with a pliers, then write out a bill for $65.00 No way.

After the Sears guy told me there was a second filter under my water heater most people don’t know about that was plugged and I unplugged it, He said he had to write out a bill, for $85.00 for about one minute of work. I asked him if Sears is making money this way, he smiled.

And, you want to know if we should “Tip” them. I would like to rip up the billing, and stick the pieces where the Sun don’t shine.

When I had my well done. one of the three men walked around the well (I did many of them myself in the old days) tapped, for some reason on the casing, then looked at a glass of water, it was obviously full of granules of sand and oil, he told me “Yep you need everything new” I told him I already knew that, I wanted an estimate, he quoted $3000.00. And he said the test was $ $85.00 I told him to get the heck off my property.

The well guy I hired started working right away, he knew what was wrong, charged me $1800.00 for everything, got three more jobs on my street, I made him dinner and brought it out to him. And when he left, I gave him an extra $25.00 knowing it was his business.


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