Safety Disposal Of Old Freezer

Your first port of call for disposing of a fridge freezer should be your Local Authority to find out what their charges for fridge collection actually are and whether there is any help available for those that need to dispose of a fridge but can’t afford to pay the collection fee. They may be able to waive the fee in certain circumstances so it’s worth asking about this.

Fridge Freezer Disposal:

Your Local Authority will also be able to advise you on how and where you can dispose of the fridge yourself. If you can transport the fridge freezer yourself (or get someone to help you) to a designated hazardous waste recycling site then you shouldn’t have to pay for this. It’s important that you do find out which specific sites you can use as not all waste recycling sites are suitable for fridge freezers. You may need some proof of identification to prove the fridge was for personal, rather than business use.

Private Fridge Freezer Collections:

Additionally it’s possible that a local furniture recycling or waste removal company in your area will collect the fridge for a lower price than the one that your Local Authority charges. Many of these companies refurbish or use parts from old furniture and white goods so that they can provide household goods free or at low-cost to people in need. With this in mind, if you have financial difficulties and can’t afford to pay a fridge freezer collection fee, these companies may consider waiving or reducing the fee.

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