Farmers Homeowners Plus Insurance Provides Repair or Replacement for Appliances, Systems.


Maybe the refrigerator is acting up. Or your plumbing system needs some attention. How much will it cost to repair? How troublesome will it be to get it fixed? Farmers Insurance Group’s Homeowners Plus policy is designed to limit your out-of-pocket expenses and inconvenience.

The new policy picks up where traditional homeowners insurance leaves off. “It doesn’t take a fire or a theft to disrupt the smooth operation of your home,” said Bob Biever, Farmers’ Missouri state executive director. “In fact, it’s usually the little things that cause the biggest headaches.”

The Homeowners Plus policy is now available through Farmers agents in Missouri and offers coverage for your home’s major components such as appliances, electrical and plumbing systems.

By calling one toll-free number when important systems fail, customers can expect quality repair services performed by Sears National Network specialists. There are more than 14,000 Sears-trained specialists nationwide, all of whom are trained to fix it right.

Basic coverage includes:

— Plumbing Systems

— Electrical Systems

— Refrigerator

— Built-in Dishwasher

— Heating

— Water Heater

— Washer/Dryer/Oven/Range/Cooktop

— Built-in Microwave

Among the benefits of the new home protection policy is that customers can get the expanded coverage from the same Farmers agent who provides their personal insurance.

“I’m pleased to provide our customers with a complete home insurance package,” said Biever. “From the roof over your head to the oven in your kitchen, we can now offer coverage for all the things that make your house a home.”

The policy saves customers the inconvenience of finding quality technicians to service their appliances and it saves them money by limiting out-of-pocket expenses and eliminating the need for extended warranties. It also provides better reliability and accountability than typical home warranty programs at about the same price.

For more information about the Homeowners Plus policy or any insurance-related need, call any Missouri Farmers agent.

Farmers is the nation’s third-largest home and auto insurer. With headquarters in Los Angeles and doing business in 38 states, Farmers provides home, auto, business and life insurance to more than 8 million households through 15,000 agents and district managers.

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