Olympic champions Raisman, Hernandez feted by hometowns

Olympic champions Raisman, Hernandez feted by hometowns

Joeski: Private ServerThe US State Dept. has a secured server forall State Dept. communications. However, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to set up an off-grid less secure private server. I think she intended to do this.Now why would a Secretary of State do this?- to evade disclosure laws- to protect her messages from public scrutiny when she ran for President- to control which messages are deleted and which are turned over to the State Dept./Public. She deleted nearly 50% of her e mails, so I think she intended to do this.- to hide activities of the Clinton Foundation during her years as Secretary of State. (portion of the deleted 50%)- or she is just stupid/incompetent and did not understand the vulnerability of a unsecured server.Didn’t she know that as Secretary of State she would be sent messages containing classified information? Didn’t she know that her private server was less secure than that of the govt. servers?As a career politician, she should have known this and intended to put classified information at risk to hackers.This I think is grossly negligent, not extremely careless.Her major excuse has been that the messages containing classified information were not marked classified.However, it turns out that the FBI determined that there were (C) marked e mails on her server and also over 100 e mails containing classified information that were sent or received through the private server.Secretary Clinton testified under oath to Congress in 2015 that this was not true.Director Comey testified that several thousand work related e mails were not turned over to the State Dept. which violated the Records Act. Thousands of additional work related e mails have since been found and will be released by the State Dept. by Sept 13th. I can only conclude that she is either a devious felon, grossly negligent or incompetent. These qualities plus her chronic lying and lack of any major accomplishments makes her a very poor Presidential candidate.I fail to understand why so many people have voted for her in the Democratic primaries and still support her.



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