Roofing Contingency form? | Yahoo Answers

Contingent means agreed upon meeting the conditions. If the roofer agreed to do the work of the repairs required by the insurance, he can not now do 1/2 for the same money. If he wants out of the deal tell him to put that in writing and move on.

Breaking his agreement is breaking the contract however, what does your agreement say. Does his work estimate and price match the same work the Insurance adjuster outlined? Did he agree to perform the insurance work for this price? If so, he must do it all for the money agreed to.

If he didn’t, and he is adding things to match the adjustors estimate, then he is right to get more because he didn’t originally agree to do that work. The agreement is contingent upon the terms and conditions and if he fails to meet those terms you are not under obligation to have him perform the work. If the money does not meet the terms of what he estimated, he doesn’t have to do the work.

Is the check short your deductible? You receive a partial check for the total roof replacement cost less certain things. The cost of the roof, less your deductible and depreciation. So you should call your insurance agent first because usually once the work is done, you will get the depreciation back. You are always responsible for paying the deductible portion.

Sometimes, the insurance estimate is low and the work can’t be done for the price the adjuster estimated. Call your agent and tell them the quotes you have are higher than what they paid. They may have to issue additional funds to the roofer to cover the additional costs.

It’s best to get your estimate from the insurance then pull quotes so any money discrepancies can be discussed. Most roofers familiar with working on insurance claims know the process and they will try to honor the adjustors estimates but sometimes that is impossible. Thus, addressing added costs with the agent is the next step. Not only that, they can review the detailed estimate from the roofer.

If he is adding unnecessary things, your agent and adjustor will catch it and give you ammunition to discuss it with the roofer. Most adjustors are experienced construction professionals who use their expertise and knowledge and contract that out to the insurance companies. They know what they are doing but sometimes they make mistakes. Thats where your agent will help you if the quotes don’t match what they paid out. They can issue more money to ensure the job is done. If the quotes are out of line, they and you should not pay for unrequired items.

They will not cover the deductible part. That is yours to pay for the repairs on this claim. If that is the $1,000, then there is nothing you can do.

Keep in mind, if you don’t make the repairs, another claim down the road will devalue the house or roof by the amount of roof repairs paid but not done because esentially, you were already paid for that value. They will also not pay you the depreciation because that is only paid once the roof is new again. New roof, new depreciation starts.

If the depreciation is $1,000 then make the repairs, and get the depreciation check and it cost you out of pocket nothing in the end.

Hope that helped

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