Some of the Best Tumble Dryers of 2015

What is surprising about tumble dryers is is just how much technology does for the newer models are available in 2015. The factors that you need to consider with your dryer are moisture levels, temperatures, load and weight–so always remember to think about the sensors. These are just starting points as many of the available dryers have gotten increasingly high tech. Obviously, it was all built so that your life could be as convenient as possible. There are concerns, however about higher tech and its reliability and service costs if it ever starts to break down or apart.

The Kenmore 8031 tumble dryer has strong and positive point even if their customer service leaves much to be desired. This dryer has one of the best drying capacities as it it has a 7.3 cubic foot capacity. That makes this model ideal for more expansive homes and offers you the ability to dry things like comforters and larger blankets. It is difficult to find dryers which are certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). This may be important depending on your needs such as those who use cloth diapers. The NSF certification means that your dryer can get rid of just about all of the different types of a specific bacteria. One of the best features of the Kenmore 8031 is its damp/dry indicator.

The General Electric (GE) DCVH480EKWW gives you the option of adding in an antibacterial cycle to your laundry. This particular feature works when paired with a wide variety of other cycles but does not work with the steam cycle. Try to keep this in mind when you steam dry your clothes. One of the potential negative features of this dryer is that it doesn’t have a lot of drying capacity; it only has a few cubic feet, so if you have a large family this isn’t the dryer for you. If you keep the lint trap of the dryer clean you should be able to raise its energy efficiency. To help increase your convenience, the GE DCVH480EKWW turns a light on when you need to clean out your lint trap. Another smart feature is the switch to tumble dry prior to the end of regular drying cycles. This will help you keep your clothing relatively wrinkle free, even if you aren’t able to take them out of the dryer immediately after the drying cycle is over.

The Maytag MEDE250XL is a mostly average dryer and it doesn’t have very many of the features that other dryers offer. You aren’t going to find any steam or sanitizing features and that is something that most dryer purchasers see as a big flaw. This model isn’t lacking in basic features though. In addition to the light that tells you to check your lint filter, there is also a cycle that will help reduce your wrinkles or keep them from happening altogether. A lot of people really like the idea of knowing when your drying cycle will be finished. It is really uncommon to find this feature on tumble dryers but the Maytag MEDE250XL offers it. The rapid dry function that is featured by the machine helps you completely dry your clothes in just twenty minutes or so. So this is nice even for mornings when you’re in a rush to get to work.

2015 has a bunch of different tumble dryers for you to choose between. If you’re on a tighter budget, you may need to sacrifice some of the fancier features so that you can find a budget-friendly machine. Make sure that you don’t limit your research though because it is more than possible to find a great dryer at a great price.